Patient Information

How do I find out about my condition and its treatment?

General adult and children’s urology covers a wide range of conditions and it would be impossible to list them all here. If you are in any doubt about whether your problem is urological please ask your GP who can advise you and refer you to me if appropriate, or contact the Isle of Man Urology service and ask us.

The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) website includes comprehensive information about urological conditions:

Urology Symptoms

And their treatment:

Patient Information

Isle of Man Urology can also provide additional information about any urological condition that we treat.

How do I make an appointment with Isle of Man Urology?

In most cases you should first see your own GP to make sure that your problem is urological and that you need to be seen by a specialist. You can ask your GP to refer you as a private patient to Mr Upsdell at Noble’s Hospital. If you are sure that your problem is urological and you have been seen before by any urologist for the same condition, you can simply contact Isle of Man Urology and request an appointment to see Mr Upsdell.

How do I pay for private patient treatment?

Many patients have Private Health Insurance (PHI) in which case you should contact your PHI company and tell them that you are coming to see Mr Upsdell at Noble’s hospital. They will give you an authorisation code for any consultation or treatment that you may need, and should also advise you about any limitations on the cover provided by your PHI policy (if they do not tell you about this, ask them!). Please make sure that you bring with you details of your PHI policy number and authorisation code to your first consultation, or let us have these details when you book your appointment.  This will enable us to bill your PHI Company directly.

An increasing number of patients seeking private treatment do not have PHI, or have cancelled it because it is too expensive. In this case you can self-fund your treatment by paying for your initial private consultation and then deciding if you would like to continue with treatment as a private patient or would prefer to switch to the NHS. The costs of private outpatient consultations are given in detail in your appointment letter. The current charges are £180 for an initial consultation (up to 30 minutes), £90 for a follow up consultation (up to 15 mins) and £360 for a complex consultation (up to one hour).  These charges may be subject to change, so please ask for an up to date quote.